Traveling Northwest Indiana: Main Street Cafe – Bringing Simplicity Back

Main Street Cafe

111 North Main Street

Crown Point, Indiana

Main Street Cafe – the soul of simple restaurants.
  • Best breakfast food in Crown Point
  • Good service
  • Cheap prices for great food
  • Welcoming atmosphere

In every city, there usually lies a family restaurant that is favored among locales. Whether it is their famous pancakes or juicy burgers, the food these restaurants serve always seem to bring people back wanting more. In Crown Point, Indiana, the restaurant that people go to first is Main Street Cafe.  Located on, and open from 5 am to 8 pm, Crown Point’s Main Street Cafe left an indelible impression upon me. Its laid-back style is perfect for anyone to bring family and friends to enjoy a slow-cooked meal reminiscent of any grandmother’s special touch.

Walking in, you first notice service is well trained. When I was there, every customer walking in got a friendly hello and coffee within a minute of sitting down. The cooking time is great as well. My table ordered Greek style boneless pork chops, veal parmigiana with spaghetti, and pancakes that overshadowed my own face. All of it was out on our table less than fifteen minutes. And the pancakes without doubt are better than anything I Hop will throw at you. To top it off, with all three meals accounted for, the tab was less than twenty dollars.

No TV’s, No extravagances, Just simple food and family friendly.

One of the best aspects about Main Street Cafe is that it has a real homely feel to it. This is a place where the average Joe goes to enjoy not only great food, but a great environment as well. Everything there is conducive to enjoying the company of others, and is one of the best places to enjoy a meal with the family. This is confirmed by the testimony of the locales as well. You can tell a great restaurant by how many regulars it has. I’ve seen the same people in this restaurant every day I go back. The waitress’ go out of their way to remember these people, not just for tips, but because they care about them.

This is the main point of Main Street Cafe. The people who run it don’t want only your money, they want your respect by providing great service, with even greater food. This inspires loyalty out of their customers, as it did with me. If you are out by the Crown Point area and are looking for amazing food that caters to enjoying a day out with family, Main Street Cafe is one place I would recommend to any of you reading now.

-Nick Pluchinsky                     


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